Yeh jafaa-e-ghum ka chaara, woh nijaat-e-dil ka aalam,
Tera husn dast-e-Isah, teri yaad roo-e-Mariam.

Friday, December 25, 2015

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Things needed to be considered while writing the Urdu poetry

Poetries are one of the very essential and the best things in every language and it has the power to make or create something. It provides more and more pleasure to the readers and it is an art of old age. In that way, Urdu is one of the language in which you can find a lot of poetry in the best manner. Urdu poetry is widely read by most of the people in different nationalities. Furthermore, it is believed to be a rich source of mental motivation and enhancement of the thought process. Moreover, the Urdu language has several respectable poets in different areas of the world who contributed a lot in making this poetry reach its cerebral peak. Even though, the Urdu design poetries are very complicated subject which can reveal in many different forms and also there are some basic elements which can chatacterize every poem in Urdu.

Basically, Urdu poetry is written in the form of Ghazal and it is an assembly of various units which are called as the ashaar. The Ashaar, which adhere rules of
·         Bahaar
·         Radeef
·         Maqta
·         Malta
·         Qafiya
Each stanza in Urdu poetry is also called as the sher who expresses a single thought. Moreover, if you want to understand the structure and format of the Urdu poem, it is very important to know about these five things in the effective manner. This can only give you a skill in making poetry in Urdu.

In this way, the Bahar means to the length or meter of the stanza in the Urdu design poetry. It is essential to have the same bahar in each line of the stanza. Moreover, every single stanza in the Ghazal should have the same Bahar. In such a way, there are nearly 19 types of bahars, which are used in the Urdu poetry which are further categorized into long, medium, short and others.

The other thing is the Radeef, which is known as the same phrase or word. It should be repeated at the end of the second line of every stanza. In addition to that, the maqta is known as the signature of the poets, which is also needed in the Urdu poetry. Conventionally, most of the poets in Urdu may use their pen names that are called as takhallus. So, it should be added at the last stanza of the poem as the signature. 
As the same way, the Malta is derived as the first unit in the poem or ghazal. Then, the qafiya referred to the rhyming pattern of the poem which is used before the radeef at the end of every stanza. However, the quafiya is a very important thing in writing top Urdu Afsanay. So, you can refer these things when you write the Urdu poetry.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011